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“Nutritional Supplement” appears in Drunk Monkeys, April, 2021. “Smitten,” “Applause Track,” “Love is Like That,” and “Black Box,” appear in Flash Boulevard on March 13, 2021. “Long Black Car” and “About the Weather” appear in the The American Journal of Poetry (Vol 10) January 1, 2021. “Jellyfish” appears in Six Sentences on February 19, 2021. “Me and Mrs. X” appears at Six Sentences on February 13 2021. “Half of Hell” appears at Six Sentences in February, 2021. “Carpenter” appears in the Beatnik Cowboy, March, 2021. “Blind Justice” appears on January 31, at Six Sentences. “Scooter and Sweet Thing” is in Unbroken Journal, (No. 28) January, 2021 “Back at You” is in Six Sentences, December, 2021. Goat Boy’s Enquiry is in Six Sentences, January 19, 2021. “Close Call” appears at Six Sentences in December, 2020. “Lucky, I Guess,” appears in OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters, December, 2020. “Everybody’s on Edge” is in the print issue do Blink Ink No. 42, December, 2020. “Straight f

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