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“Just Like Old Times” appears in Unbroken, Issue #30, July, 2021. “Reno’s Revenge Plan” is in Six Sentences July 3, 2021. "Variety" appears in Fatal Flaw, (Vol. 4) June, 2021.“My Date at the Reptile House" is in Six Sentences June 1, 2021 and"Compulsion" is in Six Sentences on June 23. 2021.  My People,” “Suburban Landscape (with Flying Saucer),” and “A Blast,” appear in Sequestrum (Issue 27) in May, 2021.  "One Thing I Learned from John Ashbery" appears at Six Sentences on May 3, 2021. "What's the Worst that Could Happen" is in Into the Void #19, May, 2021. "Nutritional Supplement" appears in Drunk Monkeys, April, 2021. “Smitten,” “Applause Track,” “Love is Like That,” and “Black Box,” appear  in Flash Boulevard on  March 13, 2021. "Long Black Car" and "About the Weather" appear in the The American Journal of Poetry  (Vol 10) January 1, 2021. "Jellyfish" appears in Six Sentences on February 19, 20

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